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The Enhance Solutions Platform™ is an enterprise-class cloud service that improves the performance of the enterprise.

 It does this through the modeling and monitoring of your business Processes.

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Dr. H. James Harrington

It Keeps Your Customers Coming Back!

You already know this but it bears repeating - you are under unrelenting pressure to improve performance and to do so across all of your efforts in the enterprise: cost, quality, yield, resiliency, innovation in Processes, products and services, risk management, finance, time to market and so many more.

Without a systematic way to respond to these pressures it is easy to develop a "crisis-of-the-day" focus on outcomes and seek out single point solutions. That solves the problem for today but then tomorrow comes and it's time to start over because...

Performance always need to be improved!

Performance Improvement!

The Enhance Solutions Platform™ is an enterprise-class cloud service that improves the performance of your enterprise. It is grounded in the modeling and monitoring of your business Processes so it supports initiatives such as:

  • Innovation
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Business Continuity / Work from Home
  • Process documentation
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Process Based Knowledge Management
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Process Operations/Workflow
  • Standardized business operations over geographically dispersed locations
  • Training
  • Total Quality Management

See Use Cases for more information.

Yesterday Was Great But What Have You Done for Me Today?

Why is now the time to address Performance Improvement?

Your market, your competitors and technology change rapidly and it is almost guaranteed that Processes that worked yesterday are starting to fail today.

The low hanging fruit is long gone and it's now time to dig deeper, to move to the next level.

Whatever your pain points might be it's a good bet that they can be addressed with a commitment to the identification, documentation, management and improvement of your business Processes.

If you are a leader in your industry, "congratulations!" However, you know that other players are working hard to displace you.

If you are looking to become a leader you need to benefit from the lessons the leaders have already learned.

Either way, now is the time to develop or re-enforce your commitment to Process.

Are They Really the Best Options for You?

Drawing tools are most often used as a first step towards documenting Processes. They are widely available and easy to use but they are effectively limited to offering Process flow-charts.

Other choices are software tools developed for IT. These can be very helpful in the development of new line-of-business applications but they are not suitable for the bulk of the enterprise's staff; too complex and not really on-target.

Statistical packages are used in Six Sigma initiatives but, as with IT tools, they are too technical for most staff and not designed for the broad focus on Process that is needed.

We feel that a superior technology based solution for focusing on Processes requires the following:

  • A centralized Knowledgebase so that Process knowledge can be shared across the enterprise
  • An intuitive design so it can be used with minimal training, allowing users to contribute quickly
  • Offer global accessibility so that the largest to the smallest enterprises can standardize operations and benefit from Process best practices
  • Allow access through a modern desktop or mobile device browser so that staff can access the platform from the devices they are already using
  • Delivered as a Cloud Service to eliminate the cost of IT support and so that all users can instantly benefit from frequent enhancements to the platform

Enhance delivers on all of these requirements.

Getting and Staying on Top!

Your goals and KPIs measure the heartbeat of your enterprise. Focusing on Performance Improvement by building on the Enhance Solutions Platform™ lets you achieve improvements in the things you care about:

  • Costs
  • Quality
  • Resiliency
  • Innovation in Processes, Products and Services
  • Risk Management
  • Time to Market
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Standardized Operations
  • Employee Turnover
  • So Many More ...

Now is the time to learn more about Enhance and how it will help you achieve Superior Performance Improvement.

The Enhance™ Cloud Services

Let's See Enhance™ in Action

Use Cases


A serious Innovation initiative is so much more than just a focus on nurturing creativity. Such an initiative must address the Innovation Systems Cycle. This means incorporating guidelines of the new ISO 56002 Standard. Enhance, in combination with our training and consulting services, is right there to assist you.

Innovation as a disclipine within the enterprise is relatively new so you might want to learn more about it. Take a look at the collection of books we have authored on Innovation.

Among the many books on Innovation, of particular interest should be Managing Innovative Projects and Programs: Using the ISO 56000 Standards for Guidance and Implementation. The purpose of this book is to provide a step-by-step procedure for managing Innovation in your enterprise.

We are excited to point out that the book describes a large set of best practice Process models with which you can manage your Innovation initiatives. These Process models are available through Enhance. Take a free tour through this Innovation Knowledgebase.

Few people have the skill set needed to manage Innovation initiatives within the enterprise. Consider one of our courses on Innovation.

Finally, Innovation skills are in high demand. Take a look at the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Medals in Innovation we offer that certify your mastery of the discipline.

Lean Six Sigma

At the heart of LSS is a requirement to eliminate variation and waste in your Processes. The first step is to identify and document your critical Processes; further, coordination and communication within your team is essential. Support provided for these efforts in the Enhance platform is of real value to your LSS teams.

While there are many resources for Six Sigma, very few people have mastered it as well as we have. Several of our books have been authored by our two Grand Master Black Belts. Here is the collection of books we have authored on Lean Six Sigma.

If you prefer training instead of books, consider one of our courses on Lean Six Sigma.

A Six Sigma belt indicates you have mastered a level of knowledge that enhances your value to your enterprise. Take a look at the Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt certifications that we offer.

Business Continuity / Work from Home

As important as documenting and publishing your business Processes is during normal times, during a business emergency this need is even greater.

Enhance makes it possible for your off-site staff, customers and vendors to easily access enterprise Processes that have been supplemented with KnowledgeObjects™. This is essential for maintaining operations during a disaster.

Process Documentation

This is the basis of all Process work. Enhance makes it easy to build knowledge-rich Process models using an intuitive graphical interface.

Your models are enhanced with SmartObjects™ which contain data, know how to connect to others and are re-usable. The moment a change is made, it is available to all other Enhance users.

No more concerns about out-of-date procedure manuals!

Process Based Knowledge Management

KnowledgeObjects™ , in combination , with your Process models make it easy to create a Process Based Knowledge Management system that ensures that the right knowledge is delivered to the right person at the right time.

No more concerns about out-of-date procedure manuals!

No software coding is required; your business staff can do it all!


Documenting your Processes and ensuring that the Processes are easily accessible forms the basis of many compliance programs such as ISO, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and HACPP.

Using Enhance's easy to create Process models in combination with SmartObjects™ and KnowledgeObjects™ allows you to check this requirement off your list of compliance "to-dos".

Risk Management

Speaking of Compliance, ISO 9001:2015 stipulates that organizations must include “risk-based thinking” in their scope of work.

Whether or not you are interested in ISO 9001 compliance, having the necessary Process models on-hand is an essential step towards management of risk within your enterprise, and withEnhance it is easy to create them.

Process models, in combination with Enhance's Custom Attributes makes Risk Management techniques such as FMEA, Poka-Yoke, and Root Cause Analysis much easier.

Process Operations/Workflow

Processes describing operations throughout the enterprise can be modeled using Enhance. When these models are supplemented with KnowledgeObjects™ and deployed to the staff, they serve as a statement of "how we do what we do" and can guide staff in their daily operations.

In addition, performance data can be captured as these Processes are executed and that forms the basis for Performance Improvement initiatives such as Lean Six Sigma.

Standardized business operations over geographically dispersed locations

In "franchise" types of operations where you are operating multiple, geographically dispersed locations and need to have consistent operations,Enhance delivers just what is needed.

Process models supplemented with KnowledgeObjects™ provide to all locations operational guidance that is quick and easy to update.

No more concerns about out-of-date procedure manuals!


In enterprise operations that have significant employee turnover, the dual objectives of ensuring trained employees and controlled costs can be met with Enhance.

Process models that have been supplemented with KnowledgeObjects™ allow for quick and low cost self-training of new employees.

In addition, these processes are valuable to existing employees when they need to perform infrequent actions.

Total Quality Management

TQM is grounded in the need to identify, document and manage your business Processes. Enhance provides a powerful, flexible and easy to use platform upon which to build and extend your TQM efforts.

New to TQM or want to improve your skill set? Consider our course Total Quality Management Overview.