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In 2019, ISO Technical Committee 279 released a new international standard on innovation management system called ISO 56002:2019. The objective of this standard is to provide a framework on how to build an innovation ecosystem that can be sustained over time. Similar to the quality management system that ISO established decades ago, this standard provides instructions related to best practices on how to manage innovation activities, projects, and programs. It does not describe detailed activities within the organization, but rather provides guidance at a general level. It does not prescribe any requirements or specific tools or methods for innovation activities. Essentially, the standard does not provide guidance on how to implement and/or use the standard. The standard basically tells you what to do and document – this powerful book tells you how to do it. The techniques in this book are directed at key tasks across the innovative process, such as maximizing quality, productivity, maintainability, usability, and reliability, while focusing on reducing the product cycle time and costs within the innovative process.

Currently, there are no other comprehensive books available on how to fully implement this standard in companies. This book is crucial for managers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and consultants looking for help to reap the benefits of an innovation management system. This book takes you step by step through the process of developing an innovation ecosystem. In addition, it provides frameworks, tools, methodologies, cases, and best practices so your organization can experience the full value of the standard.

This book serves as an excellent foundation for the next book in the series: Managing Innovative Projects and Programs: Using the ISO 56000 Standards for Guidance and Implementation. This follow-on book provides the step-by-step instructions you need to manage an innovative project or program.

A valuable part of the follow-on book is a large collection of Process models that describe in detail its step-by-step instructions for managing your innovative projects and programs. These Best Practice Process models are available in a cloud service that allows you to drill down 5 levels from the system level to the job description level. This cloud service is provided through the Enhance Solutions Platform™. Enhance is an enterprise-class cloud service that improves the performance of the enterprise. Tell me more about the Enhance Solutions Platform.

I want to purchase this book.

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